Jacks Ryder: Jacks is originally from Brooklyn, New York, but has been living in California since college. On the suggestion of Mike, his old roommate he moved to Pointe East after his ex-wife left him. He is now back in college, trying to finish his degree, and understand exactly what his life is to be.


Mike Pittos: Mike is what the folks in Pointe East call a “Lifer,” with the exception of one failed year of college in California, he has lived his whole life in the town. Mike is a hairdresser and he has the tendency to not to think much about the future. He spends his time working or hanging out doing nothing, except fretting about the emptiness of his pocket book.


Joan Ferris: Joan is a young textbook editor, and she hates it. Her two dreams have always been a sweet ones, she’s wanted to fall in love, and she has wanted to edit a masterpiece… and with Jacks she might just get both.


Kate Ferris: Kate is the little sister and roommate of Joan. Kate is what you would call a free spirit, but she would say she is an “artist.” After not being employed for some time, she has finally landed a job… as the one thing she always hated, an art professor.


Ava Lang: Ava, along with her twin brother Walt, has known Mike her whole life. It was Ava who talked him into going to beauty school, and she got him a job at the salon she worked at. She is loyal to a fault, but is also the only person who will tell Mike to stuff it.


Walt Lang: Walt is the star mid-fielder for Real Detroit FC. He loves to flaunt his celebrity in his oldest friend Mike’s, face. He is extremely laid back, and doesn’t dwell on much, and nothing really gets to him.


Millie The Imp: Millie is an imp from the 7th dementia. He has just come of age to explore other plains of existance, but his home is in harmonic alignment with Jacks and Mike’s place, so in order for him to get anywhere, he first has to go through their place first.


Zanna: Zanna is Mike’s cat by day, and an EX-CIA agent bent on world domination by night. She hates Millie


Lauren Bells: Lauren’s folks brought the young child to Pointe East one day, and as he grew, he saw the corruption that engulfed the metro Detroit area. He rented the apartment across the hall from Mike and Jacks, and has vowed to fight against the evils that grip the city. He is a hard drinking tough guy, who when not defending the little guy, works on annoying the Sheriff Albert.


Sheriff Albert: Albert was once the best friend of Lauren Bells, but after some misterious event, the two went their seperate ways. Albert’s way was one filled with corruption.


William Thom Ryder: William Thom, or “Thom” to his friends, is Jacks’ late father. Upon his death it was revealed that Thom was an “extended,” (a person with an extended life span,) and that he was born in 1822. Jacks is now going through Thom’s many diaries to get an understanding of who his father really was. Jacks is also debating publishing the diaries.